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The most effective method to Repair a Computer

My computer not working......

My computer not working

Any abnormality in the incorporated segments of a computer can demonstrate hurtful to its execution, however, some broad computer issues can be tended to without looking for professional IT help. Among the most well-known issues, you may experience are issues with the computer solidifying and appearances of the scandalous "no boot" or "blue screen of death." To repair a computer, you'll have to investigate the issue and decide whether the fix is something you can perform yourself; for more confused issues, be that as it may, think about looking for the assistance of a professional.

The computer is very slow or not running properly

Computers may solidify by virtue of any hardware or software issue, so here you have to comprehend the correct explanation for it. Notice if the issue began when you associated any hardware peripherals like a printer or scanner; at that point, it may be because of a driver strife. In the event that the issue happened in the wake of introducing another hard drive, at that point it may be because of inadequate power or an excessive amount of warmth. Take after the investigating design underneath to repair your computer, if such issues happen.

 Give your computer a touch of rest.

 In the event that you leave your computer on constantly, you can often settle an issue by killing the computer, at that point unplugging it, at that point reinserting the battery, connecting the computer back to and driving it on. By removing the ability to the motherboard, it enables the hardware to reset and the memory to clear.

Decide whether your computer turns out to be excessively hot.

My computer not working

You should investigate this. Keep in mind that whenever you have to open up your computer casing, close down your computer and unplug it. On the off chance that you have long hair, tie it back. Remove any adornments that may act as a burden. Likewise abstain from wearing any garments that creates a considerable measure of static, as a start can harm hardware and cause irregular, difficult to investigate issues.

Open the bureau of your computer and check the temperature of the metal body. On the off chance that it's hot, at that point there might be a warmth related issue. For PCs, you, for the most part, would prefer not to attempt to open the case, yet you can in any case vacuum the fan ports. A few computers simply run hot, especially PCs, however warm is never useful for gadgets. Delicately analyze the front and back fans and victory any residue. You can apply a get fabric to clean out shrouded particles. Keep in mind: Your computer must be closed down while you're cleaning inside it.

On the off chance that you have in excess of one hard drive in your computer, abstain from introducing them ideal beside each other in the body; this makes them more inclined to warm disappointment. To introduce an additional hard drive in a wide opening, for example, the space that holds your CD-ROM or DVD-ROM drive, you can purchase mounting sections at a store that offers computer parts.
Regardless of whether your computer isn't having issues, it's a smart thought to clean the fans frequently.
Before you shut everything down the case, check every one of the links and ensure everything is as yet connected to. In the event that you need to reset a video card or a stick of memory, abstain from applying substantial weight to the motherboard as this can harm it.

Review your Device Drivers. Ordinarily while completing a Windows Update, your framework may download and introduce an inaccurate driver, which may result in the computer solidifying. You can check the status of drivers from Device Manager. Any gadgets with a yellow shout beside them are in a blunder state. Unplug any USB gadgets, if associated, and check whether the blunder leaves. Assuming this is the case, that gadget is an issue. Power-on your computer and check whether it works. In the event that it does, great; else you can reestablish your computer to a prior setup. Framework Restore will roll your framework back to a prior arrangement of drivers.

My computer not working

Introduce and run a decent antivirus and hostile to malware program.

Reinstall your working framework. As a last resort, reinstalling your working framework may help.

Back up your documents previously doing this progression.

Computer turns on, however, does not boot the OS, or demonstrates a Blue Screen of Death at startup

No Power. On the off chance that your computer does not control on by any stretch of the imagination, the no doubt guilty parties are either Power Supply (work area just) or motherboard. Ensure the connectors are connected to legitimately, and the switch on the back of the power supply is turned ON.

No Boot or Blue Screen. On the off chance that your computer has control (you see lights, hear fans turning), yet nothing on the screen, or if the computer begins to boot up and afterward crashes with a 'blue screen', there are a few conceivable issues. NOTE: Any hardware changes must be done while the computer is totally shut down and unplugged/battery expelled!!

•Try Safe Mode - if the computer will boot into Safe Mode, then it is a software related issue.

Test Screen - If you hear the computer running, yet observe nothing on the screen, take a stab at swapping screens or connecting to an outer screen for PCs.

Test RAM - attempt painstakingly evacuating the ram and driving on. Most computers, when working legitimately, will give a long, rehashing 'memory mistake' signal. Power off and supplant the smash, one stick at any given moment, fueling on when the ram is appropriately situated.

Test Video Card - if your computer has a removable video card, take a stab at expelling it and either supplanting it or connecting your screen to the implicit video port if accessible. 

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